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Protagonist MOLLY MAE HAWKINS is a twenty-three-year-old precocious woman in a Wiccan apprenticeship. Set in 2013 she lives in a small cottage in a mountain village east of San Diego with her two Rottweiler dogs (Hans and Gordon) and a Maltese puppy. The story opens with Molly manifesting lightning and rain through a magical ritual. Alluring yet reserved, Molly meets antagonist JAKE REED recently discharged with dishonor from the Marine Corps after striking a superior officer with a rock that caused permanent brain damage. Molly attends meetings that focus on the extrasensory perception of the unknown history of objects by sensory contact. Over sessions she picks up repugnant reactions to three objects. She tries to help Jake get a job, but he is more interested in pursuing the gothic chic. Molly sends mixed messages that confuse her more than Jake who has a one track mind. Seeking to resolve her ambivalence she contacts a female Puerto Rican shaman who conducts ceremonies in which members ingest psilocybin mushrooms to reveal hidden answers of the mind. During the all night ritual, Molly discovers the terrors of a past life that show a horrific link between her and Jake in their former lives - a karmic link that attempts to repeat itself.

T. L. Orcutt has written a delightfully offbeat story about a girl who practices witchcraft and drifts into a complicated relationship with a guy who is an ex-Marine. Past life memories, psychic healing, and sexual karma lace the adventure. Some readers might not take these beliefs seriously, but it matters because Pre-existing Condition will weave a spell of its own and keep you entranced until the very last page.
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. Co-author, Personal Mythology

T.L. Orcutt has once again woven a remarkably transporting tale of haunting, metaphysical intrigue as seamlessly and gracefully as an eagle soaring on thermals stalking his prey. And his prey
Talks with Crows, Farenheit 451 Books - Carlsbad, CA