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The Path of Return Trilogy is a single hardcover edition comprising the three sequential novels in the series: Jamayah: Adventures on the Path of Return, Collateral Karma, and Letters from the Afterworld, the third novel published for the first time in this edition. The series was written over a period of 21 years (1990 to 2011). The genre of the work is paranormal suspense fiction and science fantasy.

Set against the Aquarian optimism and affluence that dawned the new millennium in 1995 San Diego, JAMAYAH - Adventures on the Path of Return is an adventure marbleized with humor, and riveted by the mundane realities of war, street violence, and romantic sensuality. Already in mid-life crisis by a recent divorce and now unexpected termination from a lucrative career as a biochemist, baby-boomer Bob Kramer has difficulty reconciling Jamayah, an unlikely multicultural guru who mysteriously recruits him as an apprentice on a mystical path designed to transform the common perception of reality through three initiations: empowering paranormal abilities, neutralizing self-glorification, and realizing one s self as an immanent function of Spirit.

Collateral Karma opens as Rickshaw Lubowski (formerly Bob Kramer in Jamayah), has ditched the Path of Return in search of more tangible things - like sex, drugs, occultism, and sorcery. As a result, he falls victim to a curse cast by an evil leader of a ceremonial cult who practices ritual sex and black magick. Rickshaw’s descent into the world of sensation and desire incurs mysterious nightmares all too real, starting with the obsessively expected death of his new fiancé. Rickshaw meets a blind fortuneteller who seems to know more about his destiny than anyone should. While fighting for his life and the life of his friends, our hero realizes all too late the negative karma of his ways. Only when he loses touch with reality does his mentor appear. Together, they join forces with shamanic sorcerers in an attempt to reverse the deadly curse.

Letters from the Afterworld develops themes of soul essence, mediumship, automatic writing, astral projection, and reincarnation. Rickshaw attends a seance in Los Angeles conducted by a medium with a gift for automatic writing and receives a channeled letter for his friend Murdock. Murdock is on a soul recall list for people whose souls prematurely inhabited their selected bodies. As other friends of Rickshaw have dreams of the same recall letters and incur near fatal illnesses and accidents, Jamayah believes hybrid souls (who formerly incarnated on an alien planet), are abducting humans for enzymatic blood transfusions to extend their health and longevity. Stakes are raised when Rattlesnake Dan and Murdock are kidnapped and a ten year old boy is murdered. Finally, Rickshaw, Jamayah, SBL, Weird Willie, Raoul, Juan, Apollo, and Billy the Kid mobilize the Cosmic Rangers with the pledge of liberty and justice for all.

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My working world involves writing novels in the genres of paranormal mystery/​suspense, science fantasy, and visionary fiction - novels with themes of paranormal mastery, clairvoyance, mediumship, psychometry, divination, occult and shamanic magic, karma, reincarnation, ghosts, meditation and mysticism, Thanks to the readers of my novels. I applaud your devotion.


NEWEST RELEASE - entertaining, captivating, even down-right scary thought-provoking, PRE-EXISTING CONDITION is a novel that will appeal to readers interested in karma, psychometry. past lives, and reincarnation. THEMES OF LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD SNEAK UNDER THE COVERS IN THIS HAUNTED STORY OF SEXUAL KARMA STALKING ACROSS LIFETIMES.

Wicca apprentice Molly Mae Hawkins practices extrasensory perception to make relevant associations from objects through sensory contact. In the process of trying to discern the unknown history of three objects, she becomes terrorized. She has met Jake Reed, a dishonorably discharged marine who keeps his history a secret and becomes sexually captivated by the rocker chic look-alike. Molly wants to help him get a job but betraying her gifted intuition, she is aroused by the bad boy and projects conflicting messages. Her ambivalence prompts her to seek advice from Luisa Dawson, a Puerto Rican shaman who conducts ceremonies known as veladas where participants ingest psilocybin mushrooms as a sacrament to open gates of the mind. During an all-night vigil Molly discovers the buried horrors of her past life - terrors that show a shocking link between her and Jake in their former lives.

Published: March 11, 2016
Publisher: The BookPatch.com
Pages: 300
ISBN: 9781682733264
Retail Price: $15.95

T. L. Orcutt has written a delightfully offbeat story about a girl who practices witchcraft and drifts into a complicated relationship with a guy who is an ex-Marine. Past life memories, psychic healing, and sexual karma lace the adventure. Some readers might not take these beliefs seriously, but it matters because Pre-existing Condition will weave a spell of its own and keep you entranced until the very last page.
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Co-author, Varieties of Anomalous Experience and Personal Mythology

T.L. Orcutt has once again woven a remarkably transporting tale of haunting, metaphysical intrigue as seamlessly and gracefully as an eagle soaring on thermals stalking his prey. And his prey is.....us.
Talks with Crows, Farenheit 451 Books - Carlsbad, CA