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Welcome to my playground and thanks for visiting.

My working world involves writing novels in the genres of paranormal suspense - novels with themes of paranormal mastery, clairvoyance, mediumship, psychometry, divination, occult and shamanic magic, karma, reincarnation, ghosts, meditation and mysticism, Thanks to the readers of my novels. I applaud your devotion.


NEWEST RELEASE - entertaining, captivating, even down-right scary thought-provoking, PRE-EXISTING CONDITION is a novel that will appeal to readers interested in karma, psychometry. past lives, and reincarnation. THEMES OF LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD SNEAK UNDER THE COVERS IN THIS HAUNTED STORY OF SEXUAL KARMA STALKING ACROSS LIFETIMES.

Wicca apprentice Molly Mae Hawkins practices extrasensory perception to make relevant associations from objects through sensory contact. In the process of trying to discern the unknown history of three objects, she becomes terrorized. She has met Jake Reed, a dishonorably discharged marine who keeps his history a secret and becomes sexually captivated by the rocker chic look-alike. Molly wants to help him get a job but betraying her gifted intuition, she is aroused by the bad boy and projects conflicting messages. Her ambivalence prompts her to seek advice from Luisa Dawson, a Puerto Rican shaman who conducts ceremonies known as veladas where participants ingest psilocybin mushrooms as a sacrament to open gates of the mind. During an all-night vigil Molly discovers the buried horrors of her past life - terrors that show a shocking link between her and Jake in their former lives.

Published: March 11, 2016
Publisher: The
Pages: 300
ISBN: 9781682733264
Retail Price: $15.95

T. L. Orcutt has written a delightfully offbeat story about a girl who practices witchcraft and drifts into a complicated relationship with a guy who is an ex-Marine. Past life memories, psychic healing, and sexual karma lace the adventure. Some readers might not take these beliefs seriously, but it matters because Pre-existing Condition will weave a spell of its own and keep you entranced until the very last page.
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Co-author, Varieties of Anomalous Experience and Personal Mythology

T.L. Orcutt has once again woven a remarkably transporting tale of haunting, metaphysical intrigue as seamlessly and gracefully as an eagle soaring on thermals stalking his prey. And his prey
Talks with Crows, Farenheit 451 Books - Carlsbad, CA