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PRE-EXISTING CONDITION.......................... A Novel

Protagonist MOLLY MAE HAWKINS is a twenty-three-year-old precocious woman in a Wiccan apprenticeship. Set in 2013 she lives in a small cottage in a mountain village east of San Diego with her two Rottweiler dogs (Hans and Gordon) and a Maltese puppy. The story opens with Molly manifesting lightning and rain through a magical ritual. Alluring yet reserved, Molly meets antagonist JAKE REED recently discharged with dishonor from the Marine Corps after striking a superior officer with a rock that caused permanent brain damage.

Molly attends meetings that focus on the extrasensory perception of the unknown history of objects by sensory contact. Over sessions she picks up repugnant reactions to three objects. She tries to help Jake get a job, but he is more interested in pursuing the gothic chic. Molly sends mixed messages that confuse her more than Jake who has a one track mind. Seeking to resolve her ambivalence she contacts a female Puerto Rican shaman who conducts ceremonies in which members ingest psilocybin mushrooms to reveal hidden answers of the mind. During the all night ritual, Molly discovers the terrors of a past life that show a horrific link between her and Jake in their former lives - a karmic link that attempts to repeat itself.


The Path of Return Trilogy is a single hardcover edition comprising the three sequential novels in the Path of Return series: Jamayah: Adventures on the Path of Return, Collateral Karma, and Letters from the Afterworld, published for the first time in this edition. The series was written over a period of 21 years (1990 to 2011). Written from the first-person point of view through the protagonist, known by his alias Bob Kramer in the first novel, and Rickshaw Lubowski in the second and third novels, the genre of the work is paranormal fiction, suspense, psychological thriller, adventure fiction, and science fantasy.

Set against the Aquarian optimism and affluence that dawned the new millennium in 1995 San Diego, JAMAYAH - Adventures on the Path of Return is an adventure marbleized with humor, and riveted by the mundane realities of war, street violence, and romantic sensuality. Already in mid-life crisis by a recent divorce and now unexpected termination from a lucrative career as a biochemist, baby-boomer Bob Kramer has difficulty reconciling Jamayah, an unlikely multicultural guru who mysteriously recruits him as an apprentice on a mystical path designed to transform the common perception of reality through three initiations: empowering paranormal abilities, neutralizing self-glorification, and realizing one's self as an immanent function of Spirit.

Collateral Karma opens as Rickshaw Lubowski (formerly Bob Kramer in Jamayah), has ditched the Path of Return in search of more tangible things - like sex, drugs, occultism, and sorcery. As a result, he falls victim to a curse cast by an evil leader of a ceremonial cult who practices ritual sex and black magick. Rickshaw’s descent into the world of sensation and desire incurs mysterious nightmares all too real, starting with the obsessively expected death of his new fiancé. Rickshaw meets a blind fortuneteller who seems to know more about his destiny than anyone should. While fighting for his life and the life of his friends, our hero realizes all too late the negative karma of his ways. Only when he loses touch with reality does his mentor appear. Together, they join forces with shamanic sorcerers in an attempt to reverse the deadly curse.

Letters from the Afterworld develops themes of soul essence, mediumship, automatic writing, astral projection, and reincarnation. Rickshaw attends a seance in Los Angeles conducted by a medium with a gift for automatic writing and receives a channeled letter for his friend Murdock. Murdock is on a soul recall list for people whose souls prematurely inhabited their selected bodies. As other friends of Rickshaw have dreams of the same recall letters and incur near fatal illnesses and accidents, Jamayah believes hybrid souls (who formerly incarnated on an alien planet), are abducting humans for enzymatic blood transfusions to extend their health and longevity. Stakes are raised when Rattlesnake Dan and Murdock are kidnapped and a ten year old boy is murdered. Finally, Rickshaw, Jamayah, SBL, Weird Willie, Raoul, Juan, Apollo, and Billy the Kid mobilize the Cosmic Rangers with the pledge of liberty and justice for all.


THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT! - Awakening in the Land of Human Beings

Economic interests of corporatism favor the citizenry being kept in constant fear with the full cooperation of the alarmist media. As a result, the population becomes overwhelmed. Individuals have less time for knowledgeable participation in the political process. People generally end up trusting the corporate state to take care of exaggerated fears that sire confusion, anger, and criticism. Such fears dissipate optimism into destructive depression and inertia, imprison people in an emotional frenzy, and provoke a siege mentality that obscures awakening. And this book is all about awakening! Awakening represents awareness in and of the present. Second, it requires discovering and directing a personal destiny and living this vision. Finally, awakening means working with congenial souls toward a world community and earth consciousness with the values of human freedom, cultural dignity, global integrity, respect for the planet, and a conscious sustainable co-evolution of society, culture, and nature.

MAGICIANS OF THE SOUL - Exploring the World of Paranormal and Mystical Experience

Magicians of the Soul chronicles paranormal and mystical experiences in the author's life. These are true stories about real people without the names being changed. Featured are Alan Watts a few months before his death, Tilak Fernando, Gia-Fu Feng, Master Liang Ting Shuk, George Nakashima, Anna Franz, and Geshe Lobsang Tsephel representing His Holiness The Dalai Lama. The developmentally sequenced chapters focus on mystical awakenings, paranormal experiences, Taoism, martial arts, Zen, intentionality, spiritualism and mediumship, and the reincarnated wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism. Each chapter is divided into two sections - an event the author experienced followed by an academic Commentary on the transpersonal theme. The extensive End Notes include one hundred thirty clarifications for those who might benefit from further exploration and references.